Be Good to Your Neighbors This Holiday Season

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You and I both know well that neighbors truly put up with alot. Whether it's noise, slamming doors, a barking dog, mud tracks in the breezeway, or a poorly parked vehicle…us and our neighbors put up with it all to get along well. The truth is, you may think that nothing you do ever bothers your neighbor, but I guarantee that they think the same thing about you…and we all know that isn't true. So this holiday season, take some time to tell you neighbor thanks for putting up with the things that you do, that you have no idea bothers them. It could be your alarm going off through the wall or the smell wafting over from the pizza you cook as a midnight snack. Whatever it may be, let them know you appreciate them. While we are on the topic of neighbors, if you are having guests over during the holidays for dinner or to celebrate a bowl game, be sure and be considerate of your next door neighbors when it comes to noise levels. They may not want to hear how excited you get when your favorite college football team scores a touchdown against the other team! Bottom line: Be nice to your neighbors this holiday season. Take them some cookies, a pie, or a turkey. You'd want them to be the same for you and if you don't know your neighbors…TSK, TSK….you better get to know them!
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